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This Association shall be called "Association of Administrators, Universiti Putra Malaysia, (hereinafter referred to as "the Association") or AAUPM for short. In Bahasa Malaysia it shall be called "Persatuan Pentadbir Universiti Putra Malaysia" or PPUPM for short. 

2. The registered office and place of meeting of the Association shall be at the Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor or at such other place as de­cided by the Executive Committee from time to time.
The objectives of the Association shall be:

(a) to safeguard and promote the general welfare of its members;

(b) to promote and develop the study and practice of University Administration, as a special branch of public
administration, with particular reference to the requirements of Universiti Putra Malaysia;

(c) to provide a means whereby members meet for regular discussions, 
talks, or lectures on matters affecting broad aspects of public 
admini­stration generally and the conduct of the University
administration specially;

(d) to establish and maintain liasion with similar organisations in Malaysia 
concerned with the proper
conduct of administration in universi­ties and other Institutions of Higher 
Learning; and

(e) to stimulate a spirit of unity amongst members through social, cul­tural, 
educational and other activities.

1. (a) "Constitution" means the Constitution of the Association. 

(b) "The Committee" means the Executive Committee of the Association 
constituted under Article VI herein. 

(c) "University" means the Universiti Putra Malaysia. 

(d) "University Administration" is a specialised field of public administration 
dealing with the attainment of set objectives of a University or an 
Institution of Higher Learning by establishing an environment
favourable to performance of people operating in organised groups. In 
doing this, therefore, a University administrator plans, organises, staffs, 
directs and controls his sub-ordinates to achieve the 
teaching-research -extension goals of the University. 

(e) "Year" means calendar year. 

2. Where the Constitution does not expressly provide for any matter, the 
Committee shall have the power to interpret or determine and exercise its 
discretion and any decision made shall be valid unless otherwise rescinded at 
the General Meeting.

1. Grade of Membership
There shall be only 2 grades of membership: 

(a) ordinary membership. 

(b) associate membership. 

2. Eligibility 

(a) Ordinary membership shall be open to all persons employed in Group A and 
B or equivalent in the University's administrative services. 

(b) Other persons employed on a full-time basis in the University who are 
concerned on interested in the objectives of the Association as spelt out 
under Articles II of the Constitution may at the discretion of the Committee 
be a admitted as associate member.

3. Admission of Members 

(a) Application for membership shall be made in a form prescribed by the 
Association and shall be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary-cum­-Treasurer, 
who shall submit it to the Committee for approval. 

(b) The Committee shall have absolute discretion to approve or reject any 
application without assigning any reason therefore. 

4. Rights and Obligation of Members 

(a) All ordinary.members shall have the right: 

(i) to propose or second an applicant for membership, nomi­nate or 
second a candidate for election, and stand for elections; 

(ii) to speak and vote at an EGM and General Meetings of the 
Association; and 

(iii) to such other privileges as may be decided at General Meet­ings 
of the Association. 

(b) All associate members shall have the rights and privileges as accorded to 
ordinary members except 4(a)(i) and (ii) of this article. 

(c) All members of the Association shall abide by the provisions of the 
Constitution and shall uphold the good name of the Association in 
particular and of the University in general, and refrain from behaving in
any way inconsistent with the objectives of the Association.

5. Resignation/Cessation of Membership 

(a) Any member may resign his membership by giving to the Hon. 
Secretary-cum-Treasurer sufficient notice in writing
to this effect, and pay­ing all monies due to the Association. 

(b) A person shall cease to be an ordinary member of the Association 
upon his resignation from or termination of services at the University. 
He may, however, upon written request, be admitted as an associate 
member at the discretion of the Committee. 

(c) Any person shall, upon resigning or upon ceasing to be a member of 
the Association forfeit all rights and claims upon the property and 
funds of the Association. 

6. Discipline 

(a) The Committee may suspend a member for such period as it shall 
determine or expel a member under the following circumstances: 

(i) if he is convicted of a criminal offence which in the opinion of the Committee is of a serious nature; 

(ii) if he has conducted himself in such a manner which in the 
opinion of the Committee is prejudicial to the interests of the 

(b) No member shall be suspended or expelled unless he has been given 
an opportunity of being heard by the Committee, including his right 
to call or cross-examine witnesses. (c) The Committee shall, through the Hon. Secretary-cum-Treasurer, 
notify such member in writing of its decision to suspend or expel 
him from membership. 

7. Reinstatement of Members 

(a) A member who has resigned/ceased to be a member in 
accordance with clause 5(a) of this article may reapply to
be a member to the Committee, provided he pays arrears of 
subscription for the period during which he ceased to
be a member plus an additional year's subscription as a penalty. 

(b) A member shall not be reinstated until a period of one (1) year 
has elapsed since he ceases to be a member.

1. Entrance Fee 
(a) The Entrance fee shall be RM 10/- or such amount as may be 
decided decided by a General Meeting from time, payable
on application. 

(b) The Entrance fee is not refundable except when the application for 
membership is unsuccessful. 

2. Subscription 

(a) The annual subscription which is payable in advance shall be RM20/- 

(b) Annual subscription shall become due and payable on 1 st January of 
each year. 

(c) A member whose application is approved after June in any particular 
year shall be required to pay only half of the annual subscription rate. 

3 . Arrears of Subscription 

Where a member has not paid his subscription for a particular year by 1 st April after two written reminders have been sent to him by the Hon. Sec­retary- cum-Treasurer, the Executive Committee may delete his name from the membership register. Such a member, whether or not his name is de­leted from the membership register, is automatically suspend from enjoy­ing his rights and privileges as a member.

1. Composition of Executive Committee 

(a) The Association shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of the following: 

(i) The President

(ii) The Vice-President

(iii) The Hon. Secretary-cum-Treasurer

(iv) The Hon. Assistant Secretary-cum-Assistant Treasurer

(v) 4 other Committee Members 

(b) The members of this Committee shall be known as Officers of the 

(c) If the General Meeting of the Association decides to have a journal, 
the Hon. Editor shall be the ex-officio member of the Executive 
Committee. 2. Co-opted Member 

(a) The Executive Committee may if necessary co-opt onto the 
Committee one member at any one time to be an officer of
the Association. However, a co-opted member of the Committee shall 
have no voting rights at Committee meetings. 

3. Election of the Executive Committee 

(a) The President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary-cum-Treasurer, Hon. 
Assistant Secretary cum Assistant Treasurer and other members of the 
Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual
General Meeting of the Association and they shall hold office from the 
date of such meeting to the date of the next Annual General Meeting of 
the Association. 

4. Meetings of the Executive Committee 

(a) The Committee shall meet at least once in every two months. 

(b) Committee shall be convened by the Hon. Secretary-cum-Treasurer at the 
request of the President';6r at least half of the total number of members of 
the Committee. (c) Notice of such meetings shall be given by the Hon.
Secretary-cum­Treasurer and shall not be less than seven (7)
clear days before the dates of such meetings. 

(d) The quorum shall be not less than 4 members of the Committee. 

(e) In the absence of the President or Vice-President, any member of the Executive Committee shall chair the meeting. 

(f) Any Committee member who absents himself from three (3) succes­sive 
meetings without explanation shall be deemed to have ceased to be a 
member of the Committee, provided that if at the fourth meeting, a written 
explanation of his absence is submitted, the Committee may by a simple 
majority vote decide whether or not the absent member 
shall be reinstated in the Committee. (g) Decisions shall be by simple majority votes. 

5. Duties and powers of the Executive Committee 

(a) The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the proper 
admini­stration and functioning of the Association. 

(b) It shall be responsible for the drawing up of an annual report and 
statement of accounts for its year in office. 

(c) It shall be responsible for the control of the Association's expenditure and 
should be able to account for it at the AGM. (d) It shall have power to fill any vacancy arising in the Committee if it thinks 
this to be necessary before the next AGM. 
It shall also have the power to appoint sub-committee for carrying out of 
any special tasks or business that it considers necessary. 

(e) It shall approve or reject application for membership. 

(f) It shall, where applicable, terminate or suspend the membership of any member of the Association. 

(g) It shall determine the affiliation of the Association with any similar 
organization as provided for in the objectives of the Association. 

(h) It shall appoint the Hon. Editor of the Association, if required for such periods as it may determine. 

(i) It shall formulate rules and regulations for the purpose of carrying out its function in administering the Association, if and when necessary. 

1. The President 

(a) The President shall have the right to call all Committee meeting and to chair such meetings. 

(b) He shall also represent the Association in all its dealings in accordance with the objectives of the Association. 

2. The Vice-President 

(a) The Vice-President shall assist the President in his duties and in his absence deputies for him.

3. The Honorary Secretary-cum-Treasurer 

(a) The Hon. Secretary-cum-Treasurer shall be responsible for the carrying 
Out of the general duties of the Association as directed by the President or 
in the President's absence the Vice-President. 

(b) He shall also be responsible for keeping of records and minutes of all the 
meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee. 
(c) He shall maintain and keep up to date a Membership Register. 

(d) He shall be responsible for the convening of General and Committee 
meetings of the Association when directed to do so by the President or 
else in accordance with this Constitution. (e) He shall conduct the correspondence of the Association. 

(f) He shall be responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all monies of the Association in accordance with the direction of the Executive Committee. 

(g) He shall be responsible for keeping an account of all the finances of the Association and for its correctness. 

(h) He shall prepare a final account of the Association for his term of office and submit it for audit. 

(i) He shall countersign all cheques in conjunction with the President of the Executive Committee. 

(j) He shall keep a record of all members in arrears of subscription or other monies due to the Association and shall be responsible for send­ing reminders to such members. 

4. The Hon. Assistant-cum-Assistant Treasurer 

(a) The Hon. Assistant Secretary-cum-Assistant Treasurer shall assist the 
Hon. Secretary-cum-Treasurer in the performance of his duties and in 
his absence deputies for him. 

5. Other Committee Members 

(a) Other Executive Committee members shall perform such duties and 
exercise such powers as may be assigned to them by the Committee. 

1. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be convened by the Hon. 
Secretary-cum-Treasurer whenever the Committee 
deems necessary or when requested by at least 1/3 of the total membership 
or 20 members whichever is the lesser in writing giving clear reasons for such a 
request. Such a meeting shall be held within 14 days of the receipt of such a 
re­quest. Notice of such a meeting shall be circulated to all members at least 
7 days before the date of such a meeting. 

2. The provisions of Article VIII regarding the quorum and the postponement of an 
Annual General Meeting shall also apply to an Extraordinary General Meeting, 
but with the proviso that if no quorum is present by half an hour after the time 
appointed for a postponed Extraordinary General Meeting requested by 
members, the meeting shall dissolved. 

3 No business may be transacted by an Extraordinary General Meeting other than 
that for which it is specifically convened.

1. Any amendment of the Constitution shall be made only at any AGM or at an 

2. An amendment shall be carried if voted for by not less than two-thirds of the 
members present at the meeting. 

3. Notwithstanding the above, no amendments to any part of the Constitu­tion 
shall be enforced without the approval and sanction of the Registrar of 

1. The Financial year shall commence on lst January and end at 3Ist December of 
the same year. 

2. The funds of the Association shall be deposited at a commercial bank approved 
by the Executive Committee. Such account(s) shall be maintained by the 
Honorary Secretary-cum-Treasurer in the name of the Association. 

3. The Honorary Secretary-cum-Treasurer shall at all time operate a petty cash 
account the amount of which shall be decided by the Committee. 

4. The President or the Honorary Secretary shall be authorised to approve at any 
one time an expenditure not exceeding $500.00. Any expenditure ex­ceeding this 
amount must be with the approval of the Committee. 

1. The Association may only be dissolved with the agreement, of at least 2/3 of the 
total membership by resolution adopted at the EGM convened for that specific 

2. Notice of any proposal to dissolve the Association shall be given to all members 
not less than one calendar month before the date fixed for the meeting. 

3 . In the event of the Association being dissolved, its assets, if any, after fully 
discharging its debts and liabilities, shall be disposed of in the manner as the 
General Meeting thinks fit 

4. A written notice of dissolution shall be given to the Registrar of Societies, 
within 14 days of the date of the dissolution. 

1. All press and public statements for or on behalf of the Association shall be made 
by the President or the Honorary Secretary-cum-Treasurer or such other 
member as may be authorised by the Committee.

2 . In the event of any dispute on the interpretation on any part of the 
Consti­tution which cannot be resolved internally in accordance with the 
provi­sions of this Constitution, the Registrar of Societies shall be referred to for 

3. The Association shall not engage in any trade union or political activities nor 
allow its funds or premises to be used for such purpose

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